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Are we a good fit for you and your lawn?

If one thing is for sure, we have no intentions of wasting your time! We’d love to speak with you, but hopefully you find the information below helpful in determining if we are in fact a good fit for your specific needs.

We happily accommodate 1-time mowing service requests, but understand the quote we give you will be higher what your weekly mowing price would be due to the administrative side of setting you up as a customer in our system and how adding random, 1-time service lawns to the schedule tends to take more time from our scheduled clients. Pre-payment is also required. Thank you for understanding.

No matter if you have used a lawn service in the past or if this is your first time hiring a mowing service, we operate a little differently than the majority of other lawn care companies. We provide our clients with a relaxing, enjoyable experience. We think you will love it! Hopefully you can find the answers to your questions below, but if not, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! We are ready and willing to help in any way we can.

What is included in your mowing service?

Every mowing service we perform includes cutting the grass, trimming the edges, edging the borders, and blowing grass clippings off of concrete/paved surfaces. We are not going to leave your lawn until it looks great! Kansas wind will blow grass clippings at times and we cannot guarantee there won’t be a few clippings here and there. *ATTENTION* If your edging hasn't been serviced in a long time and the lines have faded away, it will cost a little more since this takes more time. Depending on how much edging you have,  determines the prices but its ONLY A 1 TIME ADDED FEE. Once we have you on the schedule, it will be the normal price we quoted. This can range anywhere from $3 and up! If you don't care for edging and you just want and mow, trim and blow, we can accommodate those needs as well.

We DO NOT bag grass unless the client wants it done for a premium price. The reasoning is it take much longer and to save clients’ money, its best that we not bag the grass. HOWEVER, we will offer this service if the client insists. We have to dispose of the grass and it takes more gas, time, labor, etc. 

How much does your lawn mowing service cost?

Our mowing pricing starts as low as $25-$30 per service and increases depending on property size, gates, fences, slopes, etc. We have to account for all of the costs associated with running a legitimate business with every service we perform.

We understand we may be in and out of your property relatively quickly, but we have expensive, professional equipment which allows us to be efficient and reliable! This keeps our pricing as low as possible as labor is our largest expense. Grass that is really tall and thick cost more due to wear and tear on equipment and safety concerns!

How often do you mow the grass?

In the spring, we solely mow grass on a weekly basis. You can expect us out on the same day, at approximately the same time each week weather permitting. Because of how important it is for us to limit drive time to job to job and we cannot re-work the schedule each and every day, we mow in certain areas every 7th day, making our options weekly or bi-weekly. We do not mow 1x a month. Some properties will need to be serviced more than others due to grass types and soil conditions.

How short do you cut the grass?

We prefer to mow lawns at a height of 3.5-4 inches. This is the ideal height for turf type fescue grass to be cut at and the lawns are predominately fescue lawns.We can mow as low as 3 inches upon request. We do not recommend this as it increases the potential of your lawn getting ‘burnt up’ or yellowing over the summer months. Taller grass helps retain more moisture in the soil and develops stronger roots

We also accommodate 4 inch cut height requests. Some of our clients prefer to have their lawn cut at 4 inches as it has the opposite effect of cutting your lawn at 3 inches.

Thicker and taller grass 6 inches and up to 3 feet (Yes some people let their grass get that tall) will cost more due it having so much wear and tear on the equipment. We have to charge more because we are taking a risk of hitting a bottle, metal, cans, iron, etc. This is detrimental to the equipment and ours and your safety. You save money if we can get you on the schedule.

What areas do you mow in?

We service the Abilene Kansas, Solomon Kansas, Chapman Kansas, Junction City Kansas, Ogden Kansas. The Ogden and Solomon area will be cost a bit more due to the travel time of these extend areas. It may cost an additional 10$-20$. This covers many aspects of operating a business (licenses, insurance, tools, mowers, trimmers, trailers, trucks, travel time to/from property, etc)

Is same day service available?

Possibly. It just depends on what time you call and where we are working that day. If we can fit your lawn in, we would be more than happy to do so.

Can I pick the day of the week my lawn is mowed?

We do our very best to accommodate specific requests.

We realize the general public doesn’t operate a lawn service business and don’t understand how important it is for us to limit our drive time between jobs as much as possible.

In order to keep our pricing as low as we can, we have to add new lawns into our existing routes wherever and whenever they make the most sense.

All you need to do is contact us and give us your address to find out what day of the week we would have your lawn on our schedule.

What happens if it rains?

Oh, mother nature! Kansas is quite the treat at times…

So, we need the rain to keep the grass growing, but at times it can really put us in a pinch. We have been mowing grass for a long time and are used to working around the rain drops.

It really boils down to this, if the rain completely stops us from performing the scheduled work, it is simply going to be pushed back 1 day on our schedule.

We purposely keep wiggle room in our schedule so even if we get rained out 1 or 2 days any given week, we can hopefully still get all of the grass.

Do I have to provide deposits for landscaping services?

Generally yes. If the project being exercised is over $500, 50% of the quote will need to be paid for the project to be started. This ensures us that the client is serious about the project taking place and will be used to cover materials, starting job, travel time, etc.

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